Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Quote That Kills Freedom

When historians try to figure out when and why the Brits and we gave up the freedoms that were our legacy to humanity, all they'll have to do is read this, from a story on British terrorism "protection":

British authorities say people shouldn't worry about the close surveillance -- unless they're doing something wrong.

"We appreciate that the cameras and some of the other measures are seen as invasive, but only people who really have something to worry about should be concerned," David Morgan, a metropolitan police chief superintendent, told The Associated Press on a tour of the bunker.

A greater ignorance of history and human behavior could not be displayed. Ironically, it's happening in England under the reign of Tony Blair's "liberals," which should tell you all you need to know about how much different it would be here if Hillary or her Beltway clones get elected President. More ironically, it's the Conservatives in Britain who are raising the red flag:

"We are sleepwalking towards a Big Brother society, not in one fell swoop but by stages," warns The Spectator, a conservative magazine. "There is no boot stamping on a face: just an ever more insistent foot in the door."

Folks, let's review. 9/11 had nothing to do with our authorities not having enough information. It happened because of horrible management and exchange of information already available. If that were cured (and there's no sign it has been because, you know, it would be harder than just spying on everyone, which no one, not even in this article, has demonstrated with evidence will stop what it claims to deter, we could live with the same rights and freedoms we had on 9/10. But we have the same brains as this "lawyer":

"When it comes to people's safety, I don't think they can go too far," said Jonathon Walkes, 29, a London lawyer. "For the most part, we just go about our lives knowing that people are watching. I'm still rowdy after a night at the pub."

Seriously, I just hope I die before history makes itself felt yet one more time amongst people who just never learn from it.

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