Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 6-3-07

Seriously, what is it about Anglos? We're going to be written up as the cancer cells of the human condition. Australia's idiot PM, believing that his constituents are idiots (and they've proven him right so far) puts forward an election year "reversal" on global warming and carbon trading that won't even come into effect for FIVE YEARS. Yeah, he's serious. About as serious as these congenital Beltway morons captured by David Roberts at Grist. I stopped watching "McNeill-Lehrer" over a decade ago when it became clear just how limited and parroting the show was, an echo chamber for DC cocktail parties and partiers. This clip, a discussion of Bushnev's latest fake-out on global warming, one of several in his reign that the elitists living in the Versailles on the Potomac have taken the bait on, a discussion that never discusses the content of Georgi's proposals or their likelihood of anything, can clearly stand as definitive proof of what happened to the First Amendment and the press' role in holding officials responsible in this country in the future.

If anyone then really cares.

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