Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 6-23-07

Check out these headlines at Terra Daily:

  • Bulgaria swelters in record temperatures
  • Rain kills 40 in southern Pakistan
  • 57 die in rain, floods in India
  • Heatwave prompts Israel army to cancel exercises
  • 49 killed in storms in central, southwest China

Jeez, you'd think someone whose initials are Mother Nature is really p-ssed or something. . . . Let's see, giant water user, creates enormouse greenhouse gas in creating it, tears up the environment horribly, well, by all means, Canada, prove your intelligence and ruin your nation by developing coal sand into fuel for a short-term econ gain. . . . David Roberts at Grist notes NJ's ambitious (do-able?) goals for hacking at global warming, the financial community's eager interest in renewable resources, the UK's decision to stop subsidizing its nuke industry (I heard heart attacks start all over the US), the problem France faces in finding the water to cool its nuke plants (awww), and one of the hackiest of Bushnev's hacks, the head of the Council on Environmental Quality. . . . And, finally, at Climate Progress Joseph Romm gives us some op-ed response to the energy bill just passed by the Senate, which he gives a B, which in turn demonstrates that grade inflation infects areas other than higher ed.

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