Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday Pirates Rant™ - Okay, a small one…

I just didn’t have the motivation to do a rant this morning, but that was before I saw this:

The Pirates have improved at the basics since last season, general manager Dave Littlefield said, but there remains work to do.

"I think it's better," he said yesterday of the team's fundamental play, which has been a central -- and largely negative -- issue of late. "When I look at our bunting, frankly, it's a lot better. And there are other areas. But, when you go through a period of losing a few in a row and some games get away, those are the things that get highlighted."
Right...when you lose games because your catcher misses every ball on a play at the plate, or because you miss the cutoff man, or because your cutoff man is in the wrong spot, or because you don’t score from second on a double...those are the things that get highlighted. Crazy, isn’t it? It’s amazing how the press will bring those things up when you’re losing.

But hey...they sure can bunt though! A perfect skill to have when you can’t get on base. And never mind that the team can’t score, can’t play defense, has two good starting pitchers, has one good reliever, has a revolving door of craptastic relievers filtering between AAA and Pittsburgh...bunting, which is about #63 on the “Desired Skills” list, is totally taken care of. Woohoo.

He really is veering into Bushnev/Baghdad Bob territory now...up is down, black is white, and everything is going just swimmingly.

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