Monday, April 02, 2007

Music Bullets, 4-2-07

  • So how did everybody’s Boycott the RIAA Month go? Mine went swimmingly thanks to some lovely emusic selections. Of course, I cheated and bought $10 of music on iTunes this morning...but nonetheless...
  • And speaking of the RIAA, we have (via Avedon a few days ago) David Byrne versus the Music Industry.
  • Next we have (via RS) EMI launching “DRM-free superior sound quality downloads.” That can’t be a bad thing. Of course, it’s $1.29 per track, which is a little insane considering that projects out to about $12.90 for an album...a bit much considering you get no hard copy, but I guess any progress is worth noting. (Of course, I accidentally typed “any progress is worth nothing” at first...that might be a more prescient observation...we shall see.)
  • Sly & the Family Stone get the reissue treatment! I’ve mentioned that I enjoy Amy Winehouse because of the genres she bends and sculpts together...well, Sly was pretty much the father of genre-bending.