Wednesday, May 02, 2007

That and This

Here's a good story one of the biggest problems we face in the near future and very little coverage amidst all the rage for “road rage” (which is frequently the result of this problem and, yes, I do speak from experience). We need to be setting up social structures NOW to make it acceptable and convenient for people who shouldn’t drive to decide to give up their wheels. Good overview and ideas, lot of sad people, including the families of the young people these old drivers have killed. . . . Maybe someday Circuit City and the others will figure out that, when you’re competing against WalMart, you can’t out WalMart them with their own tactics. The only way businesses survive is through intense and quality customer service. Couldn't happen to a nicer company, except maybe Best Buy. . . . Finally, I'm reading a great book on self-rationalization and cognitive dissonance right now that I'll try to review for you soon. In the meantime, this story made me think of all the times I put up with people blowing cigarette smoke all around me, claiming they weren't hurting anything, and then blowing off every new study on secondhand smoke that came along. Made me crazy. Maybe, it turns out, literally. Add dementia to the list of ailments forced on the unwilling by smokers who couldn't accept their culpability. I've always wished I could have gotten away with walking around spraying Raid into the air because I liked its smell and how it made me feel. Poisons you, you say? Prove it. You did? Not to me. Leave me alone now, I need another hit.