Thursday, May 03, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy, 5-3-07

  • Our oceans and forests are our carbon "sinks" that can absorb much of our emissions. Problem is, they may be reaching thresholds that will limit their ability to do much more. Have our climate modelers accounted well for that?
  • Of course, much of the emissions come from us and the WWF (not World Wrestling Federation) is calling US out for our "lack of political will." China, rapidly overtaking us for #1, insists that costs be figured differently in the IPCC report so it can still keep using its coal (it's not the only one, though) and has been right there with us arguing for a watered-down report. How watered down? Climate Progress can tell you, as well as show you how, yes, again, this IPCC report is already out of date. Hopes are that we can bury it, a solution favored by Bushnev hitman Boyden Gray, and maybe we can, but that tech is going to be a while, and ethanol won't stop the emissions at this point. In the meantime, amphibians and tropical forests, with millenia of development, are now at great risk, like the Neanderthals on the Iberian penisula who, you know, didn't "adapt" (but whose survivors now listen to talk radio).
  • Wasn't ready for this one. Information technology ranks as high as jet usage in contributing to greenhouse emissions. The study calls it a "wake-up" call for the geeks. It sure won't help them get girls.
  • OTOH, fraternities may save us. Turns out the waste water from beer production can produce electricity (something about those bacteria you ingest with each swallow). Not only that, the process to do it also produces clean water. Where do I invest, and how fast can we get flyers to Delta Tau Delta???
  • Here's how you know there's no hope. Watching glaciers melt has become a tourist attraction. Get 'em while they're hot? Understatement of the year: "The idea of global-warming tourism is full of ironies," he said. "If enough people expend enough fossil fuels to visit one Warming Island, they will ensure that there will be many more." Yeah, the Neanderthals were the dumb ones.