Saturday, May 05, 2007

Find Berlin Niebuhr a Dog (Part Eight)!

I think we've found a good one this time. Not as good as the Maltese, mind you, but a good one. Mrs. N asked us to look into a Papillon, and I must say, I was quite resistant. I'm not a fan of the yappy dog...especially after owning a yappy dog for the last 11+ years. I love Kayle to death, wears you out after a while. However...after looking into them, this might actually be a pretty good dog for berlin and Mrs. N.

* It's name is the French word for 'butterfly'. It's named after me!

* It both loves to be cuddled AND loves to romp outdoors! The perfect dog for both berlin and Mrs. N!

* My dog book says Papillons are "resilient"...which could be important when it's repeatedly spurned in its attempts to win over berlin niebuhr.

* It adapts to extremes in climates, which is good considering berlin and Mrs. N seem to move to a different state every couple of years.

* They're small, but Wikipedia says they don't do that whole "small dog quaking" thing. That's good.

* Also according to Wikipedia: "Highly recommended for first-time dog owners." Granted, this wouldn't be berlin & Mrs. N's first dog...but it would definitely be their first in a while.

* Genetic structure is sound...a very healthy dog overall.

* They love exercise, but they can do without for days at a time. Could be good in case, well, berlin is in charge of the walking.

* They're very smart, ranking in the top ten of all breeds in intelligence.

* It's a star in the sport of dog agility! A very energetic dog! Hmm...uhh...


* It's a star in the sport of dog agility. A very energetic dog. Not all pottery in the house might survive. But hey...their knocking stuff over would just break the house in for any future grandchild.

* Well, if our neighbor's papillon is any indication, it's definitely a yappy dog. However, says it's not a yapper. Some conflicting information here.

* Tends to be pretty possessive of its owner...just like Kayle. It's not one of Kayle's prettier qualities.