Monday, July 09, 2007

Because It's What Has to Be Done

As I groan yet again at the self-impressed silliness of these political wisemen who believe that impeachment shouldn't be attempted because it can't win, could hurt, might whatever, Charles Pierce yet again gets it exactly right. We failed to impeach in the past--Nixon for Watergate, Reagan for Iran-Contra, Bush I for pardoning Iran-Contra--and each time racheted up the evil that could be permitted. Even if Bushnev is stopped through the magical incantations proposed by these wisemen, LOOK AT WHERE YOU'RE LEAVING THE RACHET FOR THE NEXT TIME. You impeach because this is what it's for. And you use the process to have the full-fledgeddebate this nation needs to determine its future course rather than this racheting, frog in the boiling pan we've been in for the last three decades. If you don't, there's no hope that this government will ever go back to what it's supposed to be. That's the simple truth, and these young political wizards betray their inexperience, naivete, and obvious misapprehension of exactly what this country is about. Pierce is older, wiser, and right, as is Avedon Carol, who links to him. If we don't do it now, the next time will finish us.
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