Friday, July 06, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 7-06-07

Water rationing in the drought-stricken areas of the country. The key part of this story is the realization that “voluntary” measures don’t work and frequently make things worse. Same goes for the voluntary energy conservation calls they’re trying in CA. . . . Speaking of “worse,” what’s worse—the “top” bloggers ignoring the existential issue of their lives or getting it wrong when they pay attention to it? Kos, of course, on “clean” coal. (Seriously, other than playing a perfect “Tom Sawyer getting others to whitewash his fence,” remind me again exactly what impact he’s had on important things? We’re how much better off than we were before he got started? He’s encouraged how much insight into reality with his censuring of blogs and views he’s decided are unworthy based on his vast experience, learning, and knowledge of . . . of . . . ? Future history books will devote how many pages? At least he’s richer, more famous, and has tons of people chanting together how he doesn’t rule them.) . . . Oh, no. The “entertainment columnist” for the Village Voice has a problem with the rock stars doing “Live Earth” not being perfect environmentalists. Let’s see, his current column is titled “Claire Dane’s Lover’s Sexuality.” Yeah, that qualifies him to be the major person quoted for this article. . . .

Would it shock you to find out that, after the 2006 Supreme Court ruling extending Clean Water provisions to wetlands and small streams, the Busheviks went along with corporate lobbying to water down (sorry) any implementation of the ruling? It would? Go take your meds. . . . Native Americans put an arrow in Sen. Inhov’s plans to keep Live Earth from playing in DC. And Garth and Trisha will headline. Guess they’ve got enough money not to worry about what Toby and Vince will say about them. . . . Good overview of how CA’s requirements that oil producers restrain greenhouse gas emissions all along the production hammers these “alternatives” that will basically make the problem worse without carbon sequestration, which hasn’t been proven ready for prime time yet either. This also goes under the heading of “sense” which occasionally makes a rare public appearance. . . . Carbon trading becoming a very big deal for the financial wizards. Still not convinced that’s good, but I’m more sure it’s not good for us that London the capital of it all, not NYC. . . . Wiping out Alpine animal and plant species or the glaciers of Mt. Everest? Which do you think we’ll get done first? Not a matter of if, apparently, but when. . . . Having the gov’t responsible for both regulating and promoting nuke power has always been a mess, with “promoting” always winning, and things haven’t changed. This story would be outrageous if it wasn’t just routine and should give all the “well, we have no choice but to go nuclear” corkheads a little pause. Well, no, it won’t because they’re, you know, corkheads.

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