Monday, July 23, 2007

Random 10!

Hello, Random 10. It's been too long. Sorry, baby.

1. Love Sick, Bob Dylan
2. Lullaby + Exile, M. Ward
3. Goodbye Earl (live), Dixie Chicks
4. Sleep Now in the Fire, Rage Against the Machine
5. All of Me, Willie Nelson
6. Running Joke, Queens of the Stone Age
7. Peaches & Cream, Beck
8. Caravan, Van Morrison

I start running into trouble when I start thinking of lists like "Ten Favorite Albums". I'll create the list, then realize I forgot about 2-3 that should have been at the very top. I forget about Moondance from time to time, but then I stumble across "And It Stoned Me" or "Moondance" or the "Into the Mystic", the greatest ballad of all-time (today, anyway), and it makes me listen to the whole album twice. Nobody captures a specific vibe like Van Morrison. Even today, as he continues to put out an album every couple years or so...his work might not be quite as amazing, but he finds a vibe, nabs it, sticks it in a jar, and preserves every wonderful ounce of it. It says something about him that Tupelo Honey, one of the happiest, most content albums ever, isn't his best album.

9. Gimme Some Truth (live), Pearl Jam
10. Tears of Rage, The Band

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