Monday, July 09, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 7-09-07

Very good, sober and serious, presentation and analysis of what’s facing the West, in this case CO, as water becomes more scarce and the trade-offs between farmers and cities begin. You can probably just take out the geographical and personal references and use it for story after story out of there in the near future. . . . Lots of good stuff as usual at Climate Progress, including a look at Dingell's (D-General Motors) cynical motives for pushing a carbon tax, the International Energy Agency's warning on the nearness of "peak oil," RealClimate's takedowns of the latest (mis)interpretations of climate science, and Romm's own takedown of the immoral ads GM (owner and proprietor of John Dingell) tried to get us to bite on during Live Earth. . . . And, finally, NJ gets the officials Gore Seal of Approval for its proactive and standard-setting policies enacted to deal with global warming. Just think what it will get if they actually implement them.

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