Monday, July 23, 2007


  • From the ??? Department: US Authorities will know the sexual habits of Brits flying to the US now. I’m sure that’s just infinitely useful for homeland security purposes.

  • From the What Are Those 25% Thinking? Department: Dubya’s approval rating hits record low. Meanwhile, Americans blame Republicans for just about everything. Okay, not everything...just war, global warming, prejudice, poverty, corruption, and crime.

  • From the We’re All A-holes From Vermont Department: The best reason yet why a Hillary candidacy scares the crap out of me? All that grassroots progress in 2006? Eradicated.

  • From the In Case You Missed It Department: Olbermann’s Special Comment from last Thursday. I don’t want Hillary to win the Dem nomination, but I don’t want her to be unfairly targeted by an extra-politicized Pentagon either.

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