Monday, July 16, 2007

Watch Out If He Drives by a Nude Beach?

A German bus driver at first prohibited, then moved a young woman to the back of his bus for being too sexy. Uh-huh. "Suddenly he stopped the bus," the woman named Debora C. told Bild newspaper. "He opened the door and shouted at me 'Your cleavage is distracting me every time I look into my mirror and I can't concentrate on the traffic. If you don't sit somewhere else, I'm going to have to throw you off the bus.'" Think he got in trouble. Uh-no. A spokesman for the bus company defended the driver. "The bus driver is allowed to do that and he did the right thing," the spokesman said. "A bus driver cannot be distracted because it's a danger to the safety of all the passengers." I think I’d stick with the subway if I lived there.

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