Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why We Dumped Sprint

Sprint Nextel is hanging up on 1,000 of its cell-phone subscribers because, the company said, they complained too much.

Sprint Nextel (S, news, msgs), which ranked at the top of MSN Money's Customer Service Hall of Shame in April, apparently didn't appreciate when people called their customer-service lines to voice complaints, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday. So the company told those unhappy customers to hit the road.
After Sprint was told that it ranked at the bottom of MSN Money’s customer service rankings, a spokeswoman said that "there are definitely areas within customer service where we need to improve" and that "our CEO and others all have said we're committed to doing that."

Sprint’s really weak public justification here, along with a truly amazing investment advisor response (hint: don’t give this guy your money).

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