Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh, No, This Isn't Moderate!!! The World Will Now End

Here's how you respond to the other side that far too many "reasonable" folks think will sit down with them and bargain intelligently, fairly, and in a timely way. David Roberts at Grist, of course, going after that perpetual tool, Jack Shafer, from that profoundly disappointing Slate. The whole thing is worth it, but here's the paragraph that lets them know that, when the sitting down does occur, they're not going to be dealing with MisterRogers, eager to give away the store just to ensure that we all know we like each other just the way we are.

Hey Jack, do me a favor, don't compare my skepticism to that of the capitalist press, which already in our young century has cozied up to power and consequently helped systematically misinform the American people about war, terrorism, climate change, tax policy, government corruption, and health care, among many, many other subjects, while ineffectual enablers like you sat by kvetching about inanities. You live and work every day among dolts and propagandists, and you are complicit in the horrors they've wrought, yet even at this late date you wouldn't know one if it bit you in the ass.

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