Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Daniel Snyder and Kos

He doesn't indicate that he wrote this thorough and dead-on post about how the defilement of the Bill of Rights due to the War on (Some) Drugs has blown up under the Iraq War like it was on crack in response to Kos' latest idiocy regarding the possibility of "it happening here," taken down well and truly by Lambert at Corrente, but Ian Welsh might as well have been. I'd blame Kos for once again demonstrating his usual and complete ignorance of human history and all the conditions that those highly trained historians, the Framers themselves, warned about the loss of our republic and how we've enacted them, but then again, most everyone seems to have forgotten that he was a Republican before he wasn't and his major claim to political fame is having gotten Howard Dean elected President. He reminds me of Daniel Snyder, another guy who hit big time turning a communication form into fame and then thought that made him a genius in the area he truly loved (Snyder--Redskins football, Kos--politics). They're both wrong.

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