Friday, July 06, 2007

Thank God for the Death Clock

I know some of the smarter, cooler blogs are dissing the idea that the Busheviks would monkey with the 2008 elections. (These tend to be the same people who diss impeachment on the grounds that it can’t work, even if just against Cheney, while they applaud withholding funds from Bushnev as if that would stop him or his court(s) wouldn’t back him in the resulting court cases. Please. Recent experience should have us way too far past this na├»ve silliness by now.) Meanwhile, we “conspiracy theorists” look at the coverage given the failed UK bomb attacks (“one of them talked about getting jobs over here!!!!”), consider the hype that would follow another Middle Eastern “devil” war, notice the Constitution MEANS NOTHING to the people in power (especially when the Supreme Court will endorse “unitary power”), and marvel that the new “kewl” kids have the megaphone. God, I’m glad my “death clock” says I don’t have more than a couple of more decades left.

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