Friday, July 13, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 7-13-07

The president of Guyana is making an interesting point. We’re giving carbon credits to stop nations from destroying their own forests but the nations, like his, that have been conserving their forests all along get nothing. Sounds about right for the mindset that’s in control of things right now. . . . You think the Chinese will start getting their act together when it’s their glaciers that are vanishing. Nah, me either. . . . Speaking of China and other nations which need to be brought into line rather than allowed to frolick in the face of what we face, Steve Soto argues that we should make the global warming regulations part of any trade agreements. Not sure that we have much leverage that way when the Chinese own so many dollars, but it also could be used to keep them from dumping the greenbacks and messing us up. Intriguing idea, as usual from the Left Coaster. . . . Gray whales losing weight in the warming seas, becoming emaciated. Don’t they know they should be patient until all the moderate compromisers work out their deals with the industries that have blown everyone off throughout recorded history??? . . . Once FL got rid of the little Bushnev, it’s actually demonstrating some leadership with tough auto emissions standards and agreements with Britain and Germany. As well as proof that Repubs beside the Terminator can get into the game responsibly. The next Repub Pres might be from FL after all. . . God, it’s good to have David Roberts back from vacation at Grist. Here you can see him talking about Dingell calling Pelosi’s bluff on doing something about emissions and recommending we now call Dingell’s bluff by getting passed what he proposed whether his constituents at GM like it or not. Here he brings us James Hansen’s latest hit on coal, unless it’s captured and sequestered, which no one who promotes either of those ever explains how coal companies will be held to that successfully for decades given their past history and political power. Better to move to energies that don’t require Peter Pan clapping to make usable. And finally, a one-stop shop for anyone who needs proof of the scientific consensus behind global warming. . . . $10.00 movie popcorn for a small bag? Ethanol again. Think the theaters will reduce the prices on their 89 oz. sodas?

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