Monday, July 23, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 7-23-07

Study in Nature confirms that warming is changing global rainfall patterns. Don’t tell Bushnev, President Cheney, or Australia’s idiot PM. . . .Other nations do get it. The new guy in Britain is calling for reevaluating the placement of its infrastructure in the face of extreme weather and global warming. Floods will do that to you. . . . Active Atlantic hurricane season and muchas Asian monsoons. La Nina (tilde challenged) coming soon to a country near you. . . . Toyota ready to move on the plug-in hybrids. Another lost chance for the US auto industry. . . . Governors laying claim to leadership on climate and energy issues since the fed throne has been abdicated. (Except MI, of course.) . . . Navaho fighting for water rights. Surely they deserve consideration. Except the water will probably be used for nuke power. Still deserve it?

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