Monday, July 02, 2007

The E-Word!

Remember the good old days of 2003, when Howard Dean wasn’t electable, but John Kerry was? Well...why hasn’t anybody mentioned the ‘electability’ of Hillary Clinton?

From the "Tell Us Again Why This Isn't a Problem" Department, a new national Mason-Dixon Poll finds 52 percent of Americans saying they wouldn't even consider voting for Hillary Clinton for president.

"Hillary's carrying a lot of baggage," explains Mason-Dixon's Larry Harris. "She's the only one that has a majority who say they can't vote for her."
She’s the only one with a ‘net-unfavorable’ rating. Honestly, she’s the only one that Republicans have a chance against. But I guess she’s not a “crazy” and “angry” “outsider” like Howard Dean...she’s a nice establishment candidate all the way, so it doesn’t really warrant a mention.

Only 491 days to go...

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